Preschool Programs

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For qualified (must have at least 10 children in the class) private, public and child development centers, we are offering ten schools the opportunity to experience a foreign language program at no cost.

This offer is good for a single, 5 week session only.

This five week session will have a thematic concentration, focusing on particular ideas and concepts.

This will provide schools an opportunity to evaluate the program to see if it fits with your teaching methodologies.

To register for this program contact us directly at 410.988.2103.

Morning and Afternoon Preschool Classes

Our morning and afternoon preschool programs are for children between 2 and 5 years old. Our program is aimed at developing the emotional, intellectual and social independence of the child in a creative and stimulating environment.

We will introduce your child to Spanish or Mandarin through our strong focus on art and music as a way to explore each weekly theme.

At Language Advantage we strongly believe that children of all ages deserve the opportunity to have all the advantages they can get when they get older. In order to promote bilingualism for children, Language Advantage is offering a no-cost opportunity for school and day care directors to experience a foreign language program in their school.

The goal of our program is to introduce children to a foreign language and give them a head start on becoming bilingual adults through the use of music, reading, speaking and creativity of all types.




We Come to You 
We not only have classes throughout Maryland, but we can also come to you. Our teachers can conduct classes after school hours at a location of your choice. Also, we will gladly help you coordinate private groups in Spanish or Mandarin.

Classes at School
We will help coordinate and arrange 45-minute foreign language programs with your PTA at your private or public schools.

We will introduce the new language in a fun and engaging program to kindergartners through 5th grade students. The age appropriate materials and interactive curriculum is filled with fun activities that help develop motor and social skills. The small class size (up to 12) and focus on listening and speaking will give the child the confidence to start using the language in an easy and informal environment.

Home / Neighborhood Groups

We bring the school to you!

For preschool age children 
we provide the same curriculum as our in-house programs in one hour long sessions. For kindergarten and elementary school children we provide an active curriculum focusing on conversation, reading, and writing based on a weekly theme.