School and Day Care Program

At Language Advantage we strongly believe that children of all ages deserve the opportunity to have all the advantages they can get when they get older. In order to promote bilingualism for children, Language Advantage is offering a no-cost opportunity for private and day care directors to experience a foreign language program in their school.

The goal of our program is to introduce children to a foreign language and give them
a head start on becoming bilingual adults through the use of music, reading, speaking
and creativity of all types. 

For qualified private, public and child development centers, we are offering 10 schools
the opportunity to offer a 5 week Spanish program for children ages 3 to 6. There is no
cost for this program, all materials will be provided. This offer is good for up to 14 children
and only valid for a single, 5 week session.

This five week session will have a thematic concentration, focusing on particular ideas
and concepts. This will provide you an opportunity to evaluate the program to see if it fits
into your teaching methodologies.

For qualified educational institutions, this is a no cost session. in order to qualify you
can contact us directly at 410.988.2103 or fill in the form on the right.