Summer Weekly Events

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What if you could offer a unique experience for your kids this summer, without having to leave the neighborhood?

Language Advantage will be offering a group of programs, each with a different theme throughout the summer. This is not going to be a Spanish Immersion program. Instead, we will be using different themes to introduce kids to key ideas and cultural activities, (and throwing in some Spanish along the way) while making it a fun and interactive time.

While the kids are having a great time, they'll also be reinforcing their Spanish.

For the cost of sending your child to the swimming pool each day, you can give them an opportunity to experience arts and crafts, games adn activities that will introduce them to the Spanish language.

Why not make it a block party? The kids can have a great time, and the parents get some "ME" time.

In order to hold the programs in your neighborhood there is a minimum of 8 children required. The programs can be designed for the following time frames: 

  • two hours per day for five weeks.
  • five hours per day for two weeks
  • five hours per day, for two days in a single week 

 The cost for this 10 hour program is $99 per child, based on at least 8 children per 10 hour session.

If your neighborhood group signs up for two or more programs this summer, the cost drops to $79 / child / per 10 hour session based on at least 8 children per session.

Sign up for seven sessions (they can be the same or different), the cost drops to $59 / child / 10 hour session.


It's time for a FIESTA!
Fiesta means Party, and Party we will!

It's off to the land of Mariachi Bands, fiestas, siestas, and great food.

During the session your kids will be creating costumes, instruments and practicing music for a grand finale parade on the last day. We'll celebrate with our very own Mariachi Band performance.

The session is going to be filled with songs, music and lots of laughs

Vamos al Océano (We're going to the Ocean)
Grab your beach towel, the suntan lotion and beach balls. We're taking a trip to the ocean this week (actually we're bringing the ocean to Baltimore). Going to the beach is a favorite summer activity and the ocean is a great place to spend the week during summer camp.

We're going to explore the beauty and wonder of the ocean. Kids will experience the ocean through readings, arts and crafts and activities such as designing beach art with real sand and shells, jelly fish finger play, sink and float with a water and sand table and sea and sand jar.
Latin America Dance Party
How about a Latin "dance party", complete with fun and hip music, line dances, limbo and hula hoop contests, and a major pinata. Of course there will be plenty of food and "torta" for everyone.  

Summer 2012 Event Schedule

To register for programs or for more information, contact us at

For the Love of Food
Get into the summer with a session on healthy ways to enjoy your life. This isn't going to be a boring television show, we're going to introduce your kids to the Spanish way of eating healthy. There's going to be lots of activities, fun and games, and lots of food!

Whales, Sharks and Mermaids
Have you ever sailed in a yellow submarine? No? Well, this isn't going to be a remake of the Beatle's classic. Our sea creature theme will inspire fun, educational and creative challenges, crafts, games and music! Whether your child is a whale or shark fanatic or dreams of being a beautiful mermaid, this is sure to delight everyone!

Pirates at the Park
Arrrrr Mateys! It's Pirate week. 
This is the first interactive adventure camp where kids get to really pretend they are pirates, filled with fun for kids ages 3 -9 

We also learn some Pirate Songs, learn to sword fight, and make a pirate ship you can take home.  

This is the only pirate adventure around. Come join us!

Semana de Carnaval  -  (It's Carnival Time)
After the session is over, people are going to be asking "Who let the clowns out"
Wow! It's time for a Carnival. Kids will take a whirlwind tour of Latin America and experience Carnival!, one of the most celebrated events of Latin America.

We'll start off by preparing for carnival, full of crafts and fun, and culminate with a carnival parade around the neighborhood, showing off all of our talents. This will be a combination of a circus and public street party. Only kids are invited!!